Novotel Fright Night on Friday, 13th

Novotel Sheffield asked Sounds Commercial to help them theme their staff Christmas party which took place on Friday 13th January. The agreed theme of ‘Fright Night’ was something we could easily undertake.

The party was held at the Mercure St Paul’s, Sheffield and they provided the staging, to add to this we provided an abundance of star cloth, a sound system, screen, projector, LED par cans and moving lights. We also provided a few props to help create the fright night experience, with coffins either side of the stage.

Guests entered the party through the ‘gates of hell’ and we illuminated the piece to show all it’s glory.  The dramatic lighting and eerie music really contributed to making the night a success.

The main features of the night were the entrance of all the guests through the ‘gates of hell’, which was set to a very sinister vampire themed piece of video footage with the sound of spooky music and thunder effects and flashing lights to simulate lightning. The ‘Thriller’ video played out on screen as
guests were treated to a rendition of the famous dance scene by the Heads of Department.

The Novotel put their faith in Sounds Commercial and this was rewarded as the equipment did its job, the props looked amazing and a great night was had by all who attended.